3 key points of Brian Tracy’s Baku visit

On october 31 2016, worldwide famous trainer & coach Brian Tracy visited Baku. It was his 2nd visit to Azerbaijan. First he come to Baku in 2013. Azersun Holding, one of the biggest companies in Azerbaijan, organised the seminar.


Who is Brian Tracy?

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. Brian Tracy’s goal is to help people achieve personal and business goals faster and easier than they ever imagined.

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than thousand companies. More than  5 million people attented to his eminars and talks. He visited more than 70 countries.

Tracy has 70+ books and these books has been translated into more than 28 languages.


Tracy’s Baku visit

Brian Tracy made an eight-hours speech and it was great! Though, most of the participants, including me, expected to listen about Azerbaijan’s current situation and how to grow business especially in Azerbaijan nowaday, but Tracy talked the common thoughts. Yes, he said that he’s familiar with Azerbaijan’s current economic, administrative situation, but on his speech we didn’t hear much things about our situation.

Despite this, Tracy’s seminar was very useful. For example, I took a note about two important topic and started to apply them in the office, next day.

I respect and love two personal development & motivation speakers in the world, they are – Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins. And of course, if one of them visit Azerbaijan, I couldn’t miss that event.


The benefits of the Event

The speech of Brian Tracy was not very fantastic and didn’t contain any mysterious information. He also mentioned it. But, when you analyze that  what he says, he’d tested it may be hundred times, he used it many times, then you realize that the thoughts, the facts he says is very important for you.

Another benefit of the event was networking. I met up to ten person and made some good aggreements there. The events like this one give you opportunities to enlarge your professional network. That’s why it was a good and useful day for me.

Our friend Joshgun Karimov published his book “KVAN” few months ago and the first man who reviewed to this book was Brian Tracy. During the event I found an opportunity to give that “gift” to Tracy and take a selfie with him 🙂

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