7 reasons why you must visit Azerbaijan in 2017

Azerbaijan has the historical, natural and cultural heritage that tourists from all over the world are likely to visit this place. The country is famous for it’s amazing nature, mineral springs, the only oil field treatment – “Naftalan” (Naphthalene) in the world, ancient architecture, different culture and delicious cuisine.

Last changes with visa prosedure and other requirements makes Azerbaijan more attractive and one of the most favorite place to visit in 2017.

So, 7 reasons why you must visit Azerbaijan in 2017:


1. Easy Visa System.

Few days ago (17 dec 2016) ASAN Visa – e-visa portal was announced. It gives the tourists an opportunity to get visa to Azerbaijan just in 3 steps and 3 working days. Visa fee is just 20 dollars. So, it is much easier to visit Azerbaijan now!

Visit: eVisa.gov.az


2. Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017 (Formula 1)

Baku will host Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Formula One motor race) on 25 june, 2017. It will be one of the main events in Azerbaijan in 2017. Baku hosted Grand Prix races in 2016, first ever. It was amazing race and visitors discovered various activities during that period.

(Credit: www.bakucitycircuit.com)



3. IV Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games will held in Baku 12-22 may, 2017. This event will bring Islamic countries together, attracting young people and encouraging solidarity between them. Having a multicultural, multi-faith embracing attitude, Baku will become a great setting for celebrating world-class sport and demonstrating the world that Islam is all about acceptance, empowerment and peace.




4. A unique Naftalan oil resort

Naftalan resort has gained world fame thanks to healing Naftalan oil having no analogue at the planet due to its unique biological composition. The resort is located 20 km far from the second big city of Azerbaijan- Ganja, in the zone of Naftalan oil fields – in Naftalan town.

Naftalan oil has unique healing qualities having no analogue in the world. It provides with various healing effects to human organism, such as anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, vasodilating and stimulating. Healing propeties and effectiveness of the naftalan for different diseases have been proved by the results of thousands of scientific works and monographs.

It is interesting that the first factory for producing naftalan ointment was built by E.I.Eger, a German engineer-concessioner. The factory products as well as the raw material used for production, were exported to Germany. Two naftalan stock companies – ‘Naftalan in Magdeburge’ and ‘Naftalan in Drezden’, which produced medicines from naftalan, have started to function there since 1886. The methods of production of Eger ointments were kept in secret and monopolized.

Today Naftalan resorts provide with treatment for over than 70 diseases thanks to healing naftalan baths.



5. Mix of historical & modern achitecture

One of them is historical-artistic reserve Gobustan or simply Gobustan – the rarest monument of the world culture, one of the first centres of human civilization. Unique proves about the habitants of the region of stone age and of the later ages are collected in Gobustan mountains – drawings on rocks, human settlement points, tombstones and others. There are approximately 6000 drawings in Gobustan – petroglyphes describing people and animals. It is interesting that the XIIth legion of Domician, the Roman emperor, visited the territory of Gobustan in the 1st century A.D. which is proved by Latin inscription on a stone.

Another monument of the world UNESCO heritage is Icheri Sheher (Old City), known as a “fortress” – is a unique historical and architectural conservation area in the centre of Baku. Archaeological excavations revealed burial vaults of the Bronze Age. When Greeks and Romans wrote about Baku they mentioned about Icheri Sheher. The well-known historical monuments locate here – the Maiden Tower (the 12th century) and the Shirvanshah palace (the 13th-16th century). Besides them a lot of other unique monuments have been preserved behind the massive walls of Icheri Sheher: mosques, minarets, the remnants of caravanserais, bathes.


Alongside with historical sights, modern Baku has gained new symbols. First of all, it is the famous Flame Tower complex composed of 3 buildings. It is interesting that lighting of Flame Towers is considered to be the best in the world according to the survey of skyscrapercity.com, the influential forum on urban planning. The surface of the Towers is fully covered with LED screens which reflect different visual characters in motion, easily visible from the far corners of the city.

The Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre has gained not less fame – it is a complex building which includes a congress-centre, a museum, a library and a 9 hectare park. The author of the design of the building is the famous architect Zakha Hadid.

And finally we have to mention ultra-modern Crystal Hall concert complex at the State Flag Square in Baku where the “Eurovision-2012” contest was held. The facade of the Crystal Hall is equipped with plenty of modern dynamic light units allowing to create different light effects in the hall and outside. Currently “Crystal Hall” hosts the concerts of the world stars. Jenifer Lopez, Shakira, Rihanna, “San-Remo” stars and others have already performed in the Hall.



6. The largest salty lake of the planet – the Caspian Sea

All official and unofficial information resources call the Caspian Sea the largest lake in the World. Truly, its area is about 371 000 square kilometres and the maximum depth is 1025m. Its huge area as well as the fact that its bed is composed of ocean type Earth crust allows to call this lake “the sea”. At the same time the water of the Caspian Sea is not as salty as the water of the other seas hence more favourable for swimming, less irritates eyes and does not dry skin.


7. Sheki city located on the cross of Silk Road

Archaeological data prove that Sheki city which is located in 380 km to the west of Baku, may be considered as one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus.  Many findings in that territory are more than 2500 years old. Sheki has been well-known as the city of craftsmen and tradesmen since old times. Merchants and staplers of the Great Silk Road countries came here from all parts of the world. The silk from Sheki was awarded a medal in the World Exhibition in Lyon in 1872 while Sheki was called “Azerbaijan’s Lyon”. Dumas the Father who visited Sheki, “bought 2 embroidery saddles for 24 roubles. You can’t buy them even for 2000 franks, or to tell the truth, you can’t purchase them for any price”.

The city is rich with historical and architectural sights – a number of monuments of early Albanian architecture, ancient castles, mosques, minarets, middle-age baths, bridges etc. However the magnificent Palace of Sheki khans (the 18th century) is considered the pearl of the architecture of Sheki and the whole Azerbaijan. And not a single nail (!) was used in construction of the palace which has luxurious wall paintings and filigree windows.

(Source: azerbaijan.travel)


These and other different, attractive points makes Azerbaijan one of the interesting place to visit in 2017.


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