About the third book of Joshgun Karimov – “ALAMO13”

Active users of blog read our blog post about Joshgun Karimov and his books “KVAN” and “UBUNTU” before. We published blog post about “KVAN” at the end of 2015 and “UBUNTU” last year. “ALAMO13” is the third book of the author.





“Life doesn’t love those who hesitate, it loves those who act.”

Author who is planning to write his new book starts meeting with a young person who succeeded in business life. The author wants to learn “the truth that isn’t taught in the school” and the formula of happiness and to share them with his readers. Conversations with a young person do not only confuse him, but also lead to strange dreams afterwards.

Dreams take place in the Alamo castle.

100 people take shelter in the castle during the attack by mexicans. At the top of the castle there are 13 prayer rooms. In every room one person waits for the author…”

Book begins with these sentences. It attracts your interest, doesn’t it? The work of Joshgun always rouses interest. Every topic has its own distinctiveness and you look forward to passing to next topic.

Reviews of readers

Narmin Noqte: “In person, I read the V chapter again and again. In this chapter I challenged myself. In my opinion readers will focus on author has to say.”

Madjid Mammadov: “The book was written in a flowless way. It can be read all in one breath. I look forward to reading the rest of the story.

Fatma Gurbanova: “In my opinion this book will leave behind “KVAN” and “UBUNTU” with its distinctiveness. This book helped me to discover many things within.”


Book Presentation of “ALAMO13”

On 12 November, there will be the presentation day of “ALAMO13” in the “World Language Center”. Probably, the readers of Joshgun Karimov will not miss this day.




Who is Joshgun Karimov?

He is a graduate of “Qafqaz University”.

His profession is philologist and pedagogue of English language and litrature.

In 2007 he sent an essay “Leonardo Da Vinchi” to the international East Chance Essay Competition and was awarded 1st place of European Zone.

From 2011 till today, he organizes various seminars and trainings on “Oratory” “Presentation Skills” “Customer Oriented Service and Inner Motivation” for more than 5000 people.

He is mentoring  groups that take part in the international start-up competitions on giving presentations.

He is the winner of “Yeni Fikir 2016” and “Seedstarts Baku”.

He is also a co-founder of social platforms such as Kvotter and GR8.

He was the trainer-member of Azercell Academy and Baku City Circuit Academy.

He’s one of the authors of GPS self-development and communication program

Both of his previous books were published by preorder of readers.



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