Azerbaijan Facebook & Instagram Statistics (January, 2017)

Azerbaijan Facebook & Instagram Statistics (January, 2017) Facebook is most popular social network in Azerbaijan for last several years. It was dominant by the audience number. But this year Facebook will lose it’s leadership in Azerbaijan, because Instagram users are growing amazingly, according to Facebook. Number of Instagram users in Azerbaijan increased twice within the last […]

7 reasons why you must visit Azerbaijan in 2017

Azerbaijan has the historical, natural and cultural heritage that tourists from all over the world are likely to visit this place. The country is famous for it’s amazing nature, mineral springs, the only oil field treatment – “Naftalan” (Naphthalene) in the world, ancient architecture, different culture and delicious cuisine. Last changes with visa prosedure and other […]

How US Presidential Elections changed Facebook, Google & Twitter

We saw new features on Facebook, Google and Twitter for last few days realted to US Presidential Elections. Facebook Live Results, Messenger Bots’ activities, Google Live Results, etc.   Facebook Live Video – Live Results Some users made an interesting thing using Facebook Live video. There appeared photos of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, under […]

3 key points of Brian Tracy’s Baku visit

On october 31 2016, worldwide famous trainer & coach Brian Tracy visited Baku. It was his 2nd visit to Azerbaijan. First he come to Baku in 2013. Azersun Holding, one of the biggest companies in Azerbaijan, organised the seminar.   Who is Brian Tracy? Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. Brian Tracy’s […]

Don’t invite your Facebook friends to like a page!

  If you have some hundreds of Facebook friends, then probably you are invited to like pages every day. And you also are added to various Facebook groups by your friends. I think it’s usually annoying you. Because somebody invites you to like a page that not interesting for you or some friends add you […]

Number of Instagram users reached 1M in Azerbaijan

Instagram, one of the most popular social network in Azerbaijan, reached 1M users (Source: Facebook Ads Manager). Only 2 months ago the number was 750K-800K, but today you can see 1 071 000 users on Instagram.   Number of men users are 65%, while women are 35%. But as you see below, number of ladies […]

How to create Instagram Ads using Promote button on mobile app?

  Instagram Promote button   Few days ago, Instagram launched “Promote” function on mobile app. The main advantage of ads on mobile application is you don’t need to enter Faceboook Ads Manager to create Instagram adverts. After the update, you see two buttons – “View Insights” and “Promote” buttons on your Business Profile.   To create ads, […]

Gabala FC scored 19, conceded 0 in 7 opening league games

  Gabala FC Azerbaijan Premier League Record! Gabala FC, one of the two European League participants of Azerbaijan, played 7th league game today against Garabag FC, another European League participant, last 3 Azerbaijan Premier League winner. Gabala FC won the game 2-0. And now, Gabala FC already scored 19, conceded no goal in these 7 League […]

What Twitter looks like from Azerbaijan? #LoveTwitter

5 years ago, in march 2011, when I started to use Twitter it was very interesting, but strange place. Though I’m from Azerbaijan, I was reading tweets in english, sometimes in turkish. When I started to see azerbaijani tweets, I was very surprised and made “WOWW!” every time I saw it… Now @orkhanrzayev has 4K+ […]