Azerbaijan Facebook & Instagram Statistics (January, 2017)

Azerbaijan Facebook & Instagram Statistics (January, 2017)

Facebook is most popular social network in Azerbaijan for last several years. It was dominant by the audience number. But this year Facebook will lose it’s leadership in Azerbaijan, because Instagram users are growing amazingly, according to Facebook.

Number of Instagram users in Azerbaijan increased twice within the last six months. In comparison, Facebook audience saw very little growth during this period. Now the number of Facebook users is 1.75M and number of Instagram users is 1.66M.


Total number of Facebook and Instagram users is 2.5M, while 840K of them use only Facebook and 750K of them use only Instagram. 910K use both Facebook and Instagram.


Age range and Age/sex ratio of Facebook and Instagram users:


We saw the growth temp of Instagram in Azerbaijan but to increase twice for the last six months was not expected. If this temp will continue, Instagram will take the lead in Azerbaijan. But we have to know that, there are so many e-shopping profiles in Azerbaijan and number of these profiles are growing fast. That’s why the number of Instagram profiles is not show the number of Instagram users exactly.

But the rapid growth of Instagram is impressive as it’ll affect the social media marketing rules in Azerbaijan.

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