Azerbaijan National Football Team makes history after 1-0 Norway win



Unbelievable, but Azerbaijan won it’s second 2018 World Cup Qualifying round match and got another 3 points. And it’s record!


Today (October 8) Azerbaijan faced Norway at Baku Olympic Stadium and won the match 1-0, with Maksim Medvedyev’s 11th minute goal. A month ago, during the opening group match, Azerbaijan won San Marino with only goal and got it’s first points. Now after today’s win Azerbaijan reached 6 points at the Group C.


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It’s the first time that the Azerbaijan Team got 2 win at World Cup Qualifying round. Before Azerbaijan won just one game during all group matches. And now Team played 2 games and won 2!

Azerbaijan 2018 World Cup matches

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After 2 games Azerbaijan conceded no goal! It’s a record, too. Before the WCQ round started, Azerbaijan head coach Prosinecki said that, “May be we get good results and go to World Cup 2018 Final Tourment, Why Not?!”. After his comment, that two words became Azerbaijani fans’ new slogan: #WhyNot (in azerbaijani: #NiyəDəYox, #NiyeDeYox). Now these 3 hashtags are trending on Twitter and Facebook in Azerbaijan.

And of course, fans not forget to screenshot the Group table, beacuse no one has seen that pic ever before.


Azerbaijan’s next matches will not be easy as San Marino and Norway. The Team will face Czech Republic and Nothern Ireland both away.


Let’s see what happenes next and may be Azerbaijan can continue thit historical results, Why Not? 🙂


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