About the third book of Joshgun Karimov – “ALAMO13”

Active users of blog read our blog post about Joshgun Karimov and his books “KVAN” and “UBUNTU” before. We published blog post about “KVAN” at the end of 2015 and “UBUNTU” last year. “ALAMO13” is the third book of the author.       “ALAMO13” “Life doesn’t love those who hesitate, it loves those who […]

7 reasons why you must visit Azerbaijan in 2017

Azerbaijan has the historical, natural and cultural heritage that tourists from all over the world are likely to visit this place. The country is famous for it’s amazing nature, mineral springs, the only oil field treatment – “Naftalan” (Naphthalene) in the world, ancient architecture, different culture and delicious cuisine. Last changes with visa prosedure and other […]

Number of Instagram users reached 1M in Azerbaijan

Instagram, one of the most popular social network in Azerbaijan, reached 1M users (Source: Facebook Ads Manager). Only 2 months ago the number was 750K-800K, but today you can see 1 071 000 users on Instagram.   Number of men users are 65%, while women are 35%. But as you see below, number of ladies […]

What Twitter looks like from Azerbaijan? #LoveTwitter

5 years ago, in march 2011, when I started to use Twitter it was very interesting, but strange place. Though I’m from Azerbaijan, I was reading tweets in english, sometimes in turkish. When I started to see azerbaijani tweets, I was very surprised and made “WOWW!” every time I saw it… Now @orkhanrzayev has 4K+ […]