Facebook Ads prices to reach 1 000 people – INFOGRAPHIC

Facebook reached $27B revenue last year (2016) as there are millions of pages advertising their products and services on this platform. Facebook has not standart ads prices, beacuse it depends on supply and demand. But we can get some statistics from Facebook Ads Manager page and can create approximate statistics. You can see ad prices for […]

facebook ads objectives

Facebook Ads Objectives are changed – What’s new?

As Facebook changed marketing objective termins and groups on Ads Manager, many friends became perplexed. Now you can’t find “Boost your posts”, “Promote your Page” and some other objectives on the main screen. Instead of these objectives, now you see “Traffic”, “Engagement”, “Conversions” objectives. Facebook Ads Objectives Facebook’s last changes to Objective groups and termins are […]

Azerbaijan Facebook & Instagram Statistics (January, 2017)

Azerbaijan Facebook & Instagram Statistics (January, 2017) Facebook is most popular social network in Azerbaijan for last several years. It was dominant by the audience number. But this year Facebook will lose it’s leadership in Azerbaijan, because Instagram users are growing amazingly, according to Facebook. Number of Instagram users in Azerbaijan increased twice within the last […]

How US Presidential Elections changed Facebook, Google & Twitter

We saw new features on Facebook, Google and Twitter for last few days realted to US Presidential Elections. Facebook Live Results, Messenger Bots’ activities, Google Live Results, etc.   Facebook Live Video – Live Results Some users made an interesting thing using Facebook Live video. There appeared photos of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, under […]

Don’t invite your Facebook friends to like a page!

  If you have some hundreds of Facebook friends, then probably you are invited to like pages every day. And you also are added to various Facebook groups by your friends. I think it’s usually annoying you. Because somebody invites you to like a page that not interesting for you or some friends add you […]