Don’t invite your Facebook friends to like a page!

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If you have some hundreds of Facebook friends, then probably you are invited to like pages every day. And you also are added to various Facebook groups by your friends. I think it’s usually annoying you. Because somebody invites you to like a page that not interesting for you or some friends add you to groups that you have nothing to do in those groups.


When it’s ok to invite Facebook friends to like a page?

  1. If the user you are going to invite to like a page is your close friend. In this case you can invite friends several times to like Facebook pages. Or you can add them to some Facebook groups. But if the person you send invitation is not your close friend, you’ll disturb him/her by inviting to like a page or adding some groups.
  2. If you think that page will be useful for that friend. In that case it’s ok, even good decision to do it.


Usually, people invite friends to like a page for increasing the page likes. For example, if you have 500 friends on Facebook and you invite all  of them to invite your page, 30-100 friends will like that page.

With Facebook ads you will spend 10$ to get 100 likes to your page. So it’s better to spend 10 dollars instead of disturbing 500 friends to get that 100 likes.

I also think that if your Facebook friend is not your close friend, then it’s an annoying thing to invite that person to like your page or add that person to your business’ Facebook group.

Keep your brand’s face! Spend dollars to promote your page, not disturb people!

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