Facebook Ads Objectives are changed – What’s new?

facebook ads objectives

As Facebook changed marketing objective termins and groups on Ads Manager, many friends became¬†perplexed. Now you can’t find “Boost your posts”, “Promote your Page” and some other objectives on the main screen. Instead of these objectives, now you see “Traffic”, “Engagement”, “Conversions” objectives.

Facebook Ads Objectives

Facebook’s last changes to Objective groups and termins are like this:

  • Website Clicks” and “App Engagement” are now called “Traffic“;
  • Post Engagement“, “Page Likes“, “Event Responses” and “Offer Claims” are now called “Engagement“;
  • Website Conversions” and “App Engagement” are now called “Conversions“.


Facebook Ads Objectives

Facebook says, that they’ve updated objectives to make it easier to choose the right one for your marketing goal. Of course, new objective groups are more useful to create a marketing goal and it only take little time to get used to the new features.



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