How to create Instagram Ads using Promote button on mobile app?


Instagram Promote button

Few days ago, Instagram launched “Promote” function on mobile app. The main advantage of ads on mobile application is you don’t need to enter Faceboook Ads Manager to create Instagram adverts. After the update, you see two buttons – “View Insights” and “Promote” buttons on your Business Profile.


To create ads, click on “Promote” button. There will appear “Action Button”, “Audience”, “Total Budget”, “Duration” parts. You must fill all these parts.


First, you must choose your “Action Button”,  There Instagram gives you 6 choices: “Learn More”, “Watch More”, “Shop Now”, “Book Now”, “Sign Up” and “Contact Us”.


After you select “Action Button”, you enter the url where you want your audience move to. On the “Audience” section, you write name of the audience you create, you can choose location, interests, age and gender of your audience.


Next step, you must enter payment method. If your account associated with Facebook Ad Account, then there will automatically appear the payment method, you just need to approve it. If you have no ad account, you enter your bank card information.

After you filled all sections successfully, the icon on the top-right will turn blue and with clicking on it you’ll send your ad campaign. After few minutes (or hours) your ad will be accepted. You’ll get notification on your app.


After your ad approved, with the “View Results” button, you’ll see the statistics of your campaign.


If your Instagram Promote button not working, may be you have unpaid ad account on Facebook or you may not filled all required boxes.

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