Easy way to follow Social Media Marketing Trends

SocialBakers is one of the powerful and useful social media analytics tool in the world. The Founder of the Platform, Jan Rezab shares his thoughts, points-of-view about social media (also about digital marketing generally) every week.

If you’ve never met “Social Media Minute with Jan Rezab” on Facebook or on YouTube, you missed something big. But it’s not late.

Let me introduce you with this lovely video-blog! Here, in Azerbaijan many students, friends ask me frequently about how to follow social media trends. I recommend them this vlog. Every monday Jan publishes new video. Topics are hot, useful, also easy to understand. As the lenghts of the videos is about 2-3 minutes, you can easily follow this vlog.

Also I added this vlog to my Social Media Training Course.

You can follow these videos on Facebook or on YouTube.


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