Keepface holds 1st “Influencer Day” in Baku, Azerbaijan

Social networks turned into an integral part of our lives. One third of Azerbaijani population is an active user of social media, the main component of which is the content or in other words the information content. Users face a huge amount of new information every day, where only a certain part is interesting and useful for the audience. Exactly because of this reason people share this kind of content, and its author gets new subscribers.

People who have a certain audience can be called influencers. This list includes celebrities, bloggers, journalists, experts in various fields, socially active people, public figures, etc. Influencers are people who ask the direction of “social thought” and brands achieve great success when using Influencers in their PR communications.


Influencer Day Baku #1

September 30, 2017 for the first time in the region in Dreamland Baku Golf Villas & Residences an
event called “Influencer Day Baku ” will be hosted by Keepface. The event will discuss such topics as
Innovative Marketing Technologies, Data Marketing, investments in marketing technologies, as well as
the Influencer presentation of the Keepface platform, which already operates in Central Eurasia.
The event will be attended by 150 people, among whom specially invited top influencer, company
executives, PR and marketing specialists, media representatives, investors and prominent public
figures. In addition, the event is planned to attract a speaker from the United States.

Keepface is a platform through which infusers and brands find each other and conduct various
business communication. Brands that use Keepface platform can analyze the indicators of influencers,
build business relations with them and make proposals for cooperation. Currently, Keepface works with
more than 30 local and international companies and agencies.

Influencer Day Baku is a private event, participation is possible by special invitations only.

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