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Keepface is an online marketing platform where brands recruit social influencers to create engaging, native and selling content in social media for their communication campaigns. Founded in 2016, Keepface managed over 50 influencer marketing campaigns for local and international brands including Samsung, Lays, Taxify, Sabis, Uber in Azerbaijan.

Keepface is a unique platform for brands to filter most relevant influencers, communicate with them and manage campaigns using real time analytic data provided by Keepface.

Brand campaigns can be initiated by Corporations, Agencies, Government, Embassies, Organizations. Influencers also can offer a content to the brand and it makes Keepface to become an alive platform where initiation happens in two directions: from brands to influencers, and from influencers to brands. We use big data to categorize the influencers so that system can automatically offer most relevant influencers to the brands according to their target group and marketing objective.


Influencers can be grouped in 4 categories: A) celebrity B) experts, bloggers, viners C) ordinary people D) active groups and pages in the social media. Currently, Keepface has a potential to make a partnership with 2000 influencers in the region, registered on our platform. ┬áKeepface plays a historic role of being a market mover in Caucasus and Central Asia countries. Registered in DMCC Free Zone, Keepface functions in the AstroLabs Dubai – region’s premier co-working space for digital technology companies. With Astrolabs Keepface aims to set up a presence in Dubai and scale regional coverage for MENA, CIS, and Iran (Central Eurasian region).

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