How US Presidential Elections changed Facebook, Google & Twitter

We saw new features on Facebook, Google and Twitter for last few days realted to US Presidential Elections. Facebook Live Results, Messenger Bots’ activities, Google Live Results, etc.


Facebook Live Video – Live Results

Some users made an interesting thing using Facebook Live video. There appeared photos of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, under the pics was shown number of “votes” for each. You could vote for Hillary by clicking “Like” or vote for Trump by clicking “Love” on Facebook Live video. The interestimg thing is the number of Likes and Loves increased real-time.

Now the election finished and Trump was choosen as USA’a 45th president. The video you see below, shows reactions to Trump.

Google Live Results

Google made surprise by showing the Election results real-time with a beautiful interface. It was enough to search “US Election” and Google showed you detailed sttistics with graphics.





Trend on Twitter

What we saw on Twitter about US elections was not surprise. Because we’ve already used to see trends about important events or any cases. 

Of course, now all the world talk about Donald Trump on Twitter. Within the few minutes there appeared 2.37M tweets using “President Trump”. 

The hot trends were these after Trump was announced as new president of USA: #ElectionNight#Elections2016#RIPAmerica#trumpwins#DonaldTrump.





And these hashtags weren’t trend only in US, but all over the world.


To see in which regions which topics are trend on Twitter, click here.



Messenger Bot

Messenger Bots also “followed” US Elections. For example if you wrote to Swelly, the Bot offered you to vote for candidates. And after you voted, there appeared results of that pool. 



All these show that both social media and other digital channels offer us new, different and easy tools day by day. So we must follow trends more accurately now. 


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