BakuID2023: A Remarkable Startup and Investment Event in Azerbaijan’s History!

I’m thrilled to share that #BakuID2023 held recently, organized by SABAH.HUB, has undoubtedly been one of the most extraordinary startup and investment events in Azerbaijan’s history. It was an incredible two-day gathering that brought together hundreds of local and international startups, numerous investors, captivating stands, engaging spaces, and captivating evening shows.

The energy and enthusiasm at BakuID2023 were simply electrifying! The event showcased the remarkable progress and potential of the Azerbaijani startup ecosystem, leaving no doubt that it is rapidly becoming a hub for entrepreneurial excellence.

We, Mediamark LLC Digital, had the privilege of attending BakuID2023 as the media partner of the event. We were thrilled to launch our new product, service, during this remarkable event. aims to revolutionize the way businesses manage their public relations and media outreach, providing them with innovative solutions to reach new heights in their industry.

Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at a panel session about work-life balance, drawing from my 13 years of experience. It was an absolute honor to share insights and perspectives on this crucial topic. The engaging discussions and interactions with fellow professionals were truly invaluable.

The organizers, Aynur Aliyeva Talifa Isgandar Azer Amirov Nijat Fataliyev Dr. Rahul D’Mello and other friends at #SabahHUB, deserve immense appreciation for their exceptional execution and impeccable attention to detail. Their efforts in curating a diverse range of stands, interactive spaces, and captivating evening shows made the event truly unforgettable.

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