Eleven Kings in-app purchases from Belgium & S. Arabia – What’s the future projection?

Let me share these beautiful stats with you about Eleven Kings Game! In the last hour,

– User from Belgium purchased a $6 coin pack after 20 minutes purchased another $6 coin pack,

– User from S. Arabia purchased a $6 coin pack after 15 minutes and purchased another $17 coin pack.

This means that we’re on the right track! The numbers may seem small, but the forecast says that this number can increase 10 times in 3 months and 50 times in a year.

According to the latest statistics, users spend $180 billion a year on in-game purchases worldwide. + this temp is increasing.

And we have about 100,000 users, there are only a few days to set up our headquarter in Europe and Ronaldinho is waiting for our response to start promotions.

That’s how 2020 started for us. There is a long year ahead of us and some fantastic ideas to realize. Be prepared to be excited!

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